HRTS successfully implements potential training programs, always taking into account the client's most vital preferences and needs.

Training programs offered by HRTS are most worthy and efficient due to the following intricate features:
  • System based approach. Our training programs are made of consistent, logically organized modules in a way that challenges our participants to continue self-improvement and enhancing the acquired skills beyond the given training program.

  • Practice-oriented approach. In the course of most training programs about 75% of the program study time is devoted to business games, individual and workgroup targeted tasks and case studying, which helps broaden the acquired knowledge as well as perfect respective skills first in terms of the training process and then in real business settings.

  • Adaptability. Training programs are based on the current trends of the Russian market and tailored to the company's particular needs, opportunities and participants' professional experience and expectations.

  • Applicability. Trainees acquire system based knowledge and skills which they then utilize in their routine business activity.

Our training programs are mastered by highly qualified specialists with years of work experience in western companies. Each program includes expert pre-training module, result targeted coaching and after-training support.

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